Solid/Accumulative Middling Examples

Humphrey Beckham

You completed an apprenticeship and became a joiner in your home town of Salisbury, like your brother and father. You lived a long life and died aged 83 in 1672. In the decades and centuries after your death, you became a very famous joiner, appearing in printed histories of Salisbury. This fame was due to a certain style of armchair pioneered by the Beckham joinery workshop, which are still praised today.

Other work attributed to you includes a carved panel of old testament narratives, which is on display in St Thomas’ Church, and the church accounts record you and your relatives doing joined work for the parish.

Your inventoried wealth equalled £190 at the time of your death, so despite your skill you were not tremendously wealthy but had more than enough to get by. Your work clearly demonstrates an acute awareness of Biblical narratives and printed iconography and you channelled this into your craft. Although you married, you died without any surviving children, and your brother’s property on Catherine Street was clearly the site of the family’s workshop. You are remembered through the surviving examples of your joined work.

Nicholas and/or Margaret Woolfe

You married each other some time in the early 1600s.  Margaret brought with her substantial property assets from her first marriage and had for some time during her widowhood managed “to her great profit and commodity” the important local inn, the White Hart.  

Nicholas, on the other hand, was a cutler by trade who continued to take apprentices in this trade through to his death in 1614. 

In around 1604/5, around the date of their marriage, Nicholas opened a playhouse on his home turf Wine Street and he and Margaret ran the playhouse and rented out rooms in the property.  

Margaret, it seems from court cases, often handled the financial arrangements, indicating her role as a businesswoman and manager as well as a landlady of various properties.  

Nicholas’s will indicates the wider questions of status and legacy that attend on this group: he left substantial benefactions to charities and parishes around Bristol.  He also left money for tutoring and musical instruments for his son, thus passing on the chance for cultural as well as financial mobility.  Indeed, his son’s guardians included a sometime city mayor, William Yate, attesting to the significance of high social connections. 

Nicholas’s will also stipulated that the his charitable bequests would only be paid so long as the Wine Street property continued as a playhouse, indicating the importance of cultural assets beyond financial investments.  

However, it might be added that Nicholas was especially tight with money and would not consent to purchase Margaret new dresses; he “carried himself so hard and greedy,” she explains, “even though he were wealthy and of good estate.”  

Inventory: Michael Threlkell, hosier, Bristol (1623)

The inventory  of the goods and chattels of Michael Threlkelde deceased teakene and prsed the XIIIth day of Julii 1623 by Pascall Parlande William Hunte and Thomas Howell as underwritten. 

Imprimis in the shop in winestreete and at home in the house 

XI dozen and a halfe of Kersey hose at

18s per dozen is                                                          £10 07 06

It 12 dozen less two peyre of other sorte at 12s p[er] dozen is 07 02 00

It a dozen and a helfe of the smallest syce at 8s per dozen is 03 08 00

It 7 peyre of black kersey hose at                                           00 08 00

It 17 dozen of collerde irishe hose at 14s p[er] doz               04 18 00

It i dozen of smale ireishe hose collerde at                            00 08 00

It 4 peyre of smale kersey hose at                                          00 02 00

It 4 dozen of whyte Irishe hose at 10s p[er] dozen is             02 00 00

It 2 dozen less one peyre of whyte kersey hose at                 01 03 00

It 3 dozen and a halfe of white and gray ireish hose at  6d p[er] 

Dozen is                                                                                  01 01 00

It 9 peyre of smale lynene hose at                                          00 06 00

It 5 peyre of Wollene knit stockins at                                    00 05 00

It 24 yeards of Irish frize at 8d p[er] yard is                           00 16 –

It 9 peyre of hose at                                                                00 09 00

It for shilves and biffetts and 3 peyre of sheeres one

Chest to drawe stokins upon and 1/2 of thride                       00 06 00

                                                                                                32 19 00

In the shop at home one cobb, one table board one old chest

One barrel one tressell 4 yrone peeles 2 pecks and 

One halfe peck measures 5 incissing knives and other old tryfels prised at 0 08 00

It in the syller 1 barge I stand and other washing tubs and one horse to put 

Beare upon at                                                                          00 05 00

It in the kitchine one payre of smale racks 

One craine 9 broches 1 slyce and tongs 1

Little peyre of dogs 2 short iron bares 1 peyre of 

Pott hookes and 3 hangers at                                                  00 18 -6

It 2 short table boards with one frame one

Forme one chaire 8 wodene tryes 6 wodene

Platters, I pail 4 dozen of trenchers                                        00 08 00

It one standing bedsteed with matt and cord 

One trockle bedsteed at                                                          00        13 04

It 2 featherbeds and 2 feather boulsters one pillow

2 ould yellow ruges one green rogg 4 pantatha (pintado) 

Curtenes with curtene rodds at                                               03 03 04

It 2 litle iron dogs at                                                               00 01 06

It 2 dozen of quissiones at                                                      00 08 00

It one byble and other smale books at                                    00 10 00

It in lunene and napry in sheets good one badd 17 payre at   04 00 00

It 2 dyep[er] table clothes 22 dyep[er] napkins at                  00 18 00

It 4 other table clothes 2 syde boarde cloths 

3 long towels 6 pillowe beres                                                 00        16 00

It 4 dozen of flaxen napkins and 3 dozen of 

Course napkins and towels at 4s p[er] dozen is                      01 08 00

It 4 course short table clothes at                                             00 04 00

It in ould pewter dishes mettle pottengers and 

Sawcers 2£ at 7d p[er] pound is                                             08 08 00

It in ould pewter pott mettll 60li at 6d is                                01 10 00

It I peyre of brass candlstocks one pestle 

And morter at                                                                          00 08 00

It 3 smale brass candlesticks one skynner 

And 4 oulde skillets at                                                                        00 03 00

It 4 smal brass pannes weying 28li at                                     00 14 00

It 4 brass potts and one mortter weyinge 82li

At iiiid p[er] pound is                                                             01 07 04

It 2 litle irone potts and 2 driping pannes and one

Latine pott lide at                                                                    00 04 00

In the fore parlor one table board with one frame 5 wynde stooles

2 chaires one syde boarde at                                                   00 13 04

It 2 spruce chests one press at                                                02 10 00

It 1 peyre of irone bandirons with dogs

Slyce and tongs at                                                                   00 16 00

It one standing bedsteed with mat and corde 

And one trockle bedsteede at                                                 00 16 00

It 2 feather beds 2 feather boulsters 2 feather

Pillows and one green rug at                                                  02 11 00

It one peyre of green curtenes and valliance                          00 13 04

It 4 smale tabells at                                                                 00 02 0-

Item one ould arass coverlet one irish rug3 pintado curtains

One carpet one green syde board cloth and I syd board cushion at   01 13 04

It in the back parlour one table board with a frame 6 ioynte stooles 1 syde boarde at 00 10 00

It in the cock loft 2 halfe headed bedsteeds with mats

And cords one flock bed one bolster 4 old blankets

Or coverlets and 1 syde bed                                                   00 10 00

It 2 ould calivers and 1 birding peece at                                 00 04 00

It all the deceased his wearing apparel at                               08 00 00

It one table salte giolte weying 20oz ½

At 5s 6d the ounce is                                                              05 13 05

It 2 gilt boules wy 15 oz 3/8 at 5s 6d per ounce                     04 04 05

It 2 parcell gilt beakers wey 18 oz at 5s oz                            04 10 00

It one beareboule wey 12 oz ½ 1/8 at 5s is                            04 10 00

It 2 whyt wine boules wey 14 oz 1/8 at 4s 10d                      03 08 03

It 6 maiden heade spoones wey 7 oz ½ at 5s                          01 17 06

It one cruse garnish value at                                                   01 18

Ot 2 covers of cruses valued at                                               1 12 08

It one gould ring at                                                                 0 16 0

It in reddy mony                                                                     06 00 00

                                                                                                117 19 19