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Lucas de Heere’s Wives and Daughters

The Lenard Fireback

Tudor Intergenerational Inequality

Interrogating ‘middling culture’: a workshop report

Middling Culture Project Launch: the Middling Sort – Some Reflections

Research: Medium and Long Reads

How to be a Goldsmith in Elizabethan Bristol

Dress Hooks of the Middling Sort

The Bridgwater Corporation Pew c.1620

Humphrey Beckham, Craft, and Literacy among the Middling Sort

Martin the Minstrel and the Playhouses of Suffolk

The Cally Family: Chester’s Early Music Scene

Lettice Green of Stratford Upon Avon and her World

Strangeness, Jacobean Drama, and Chester

How to Get Ahead in London’s Maritime World (Michael Powell-Davies)

Bringing Sextons Back: Stepney’s Buriers, Bearers and Searchers of the Dead (Michael Powell-Davies)

The Draughtsmanship of Divines in Early Modern England: Some Preliminary Observations (Guest post from Dr Hannah Yip)

Pen, Ink, Paper (Guest Post from Dr Paula Simpson)

The Early Modern Precariat: Women in the Precarious Household Middling

Jane Ratcliffe and the life of an ‘upper middling’ woman in seventeenth-century Chester

Immigration, Travel, and Social Mobility: TIDE and Middling Culture Case Studies

The Elizabethan Civil Service, or If at First You Don’t Succeed, Get Up and Petition Again

Jamming together: Recreating improvised seventeenth-century musical divisions (Guest Post from Nina Kümin)

Accessorising Early Modern England: A Middling Culture of Portable Antiquities (guest post by Michael Lewis)

Agility in the face of diversity: Glassmakers, Glaziers, and the Middling Sort (guest post by Louise Hampson)

General Posts and Experience

Mudlarking in the Thames, Part 1: An Immediate Reflection

Mudlarking on the Thames, Part 2: What can we do with Fragments and Waste?

Pass ye Remote: A Quest for Early Modern Entertainment through Online Learning Resources (with Before Shakespeare)

WFH 1: Working from (the early modern) Home

WFH 2: Tradesmen and Tools for Working from Home

Media Moments

1. Bristol’s Audits

2. The Furniture of the Middling Sort